-Continuum Composition Installation-performance (Chaoslab v3) with Dime
Ensemble 19th to 21st – ongoing AV streaming installation

During few days Apo33 propose an online installation where musicians and video makers will join to experiment the ideas of long duration performance.

Chaotic systems are not as predominant as indeterminacy. Chaoslab creates sensitive dependence on initial conditions, devices and inputs, acting on an evolution through phase space that appears to be quite random. Our Chaotic models seem to be deployed to ascertain various kinds of activities related to bifurcation points (uncontrolled steps of evolution within the performance), period doubling sequences (or multiple sequences), the onset of chaotic dynamics proposed by the participants, the strange attractors between sources, filters, amplifications, connections and other denizens of this chaos zoo hacking behavior.

“I was in a position where I thought I was not, my senses aware of my non-condition, beyond knowledge I felt the un-presence in the continuum, it was only a brief instant like a shot.” Ubiquitous is no meant to be at present time but require multiple inner-time and alter-being.

Installation – 19th to 22nd of November

Dime Ensemble
Jenny Pickett – Modular Synth, video
Robin Plastre – electronics, video
Julien Héraud – Modular Synth
Chloé Malaise – Computer, video
Julien Ottavi – Electronics, video

Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYwTCBFsGnGfkH0t327FYsQ
Listen here: http://apo33.org:8000/dime.m3u
Supported by Apo33 for live streaming technology: http://sourceforge.net/projects/icestream/ | http://apodio.org | http://www.apo33.org