Designed by French artist Gaël Tissot, Nexploria is an artistic experience, playful and social, freely accessible. Equipped with a headset or loudspeakers, the user/explorer navigates on the interface, selects fragments of music, words and background sounds, assembles them and shares his creation on the platform. Nexploria is available both as a physical touch screen, and as an online experience:

A hybrid piece of work: poetry, sound, music… and video game

Like in video games, the graphic interface of Nexploria is a map, on which the user is invited to choose a point. He thus reaches a creation step, where he assembles sounds and words to put together, which become his piece. In saving his creation, the piece is added to the map and becomes available online for anyone who wants to listen to it.

Modifying technology on the web to create new meaning

By use of the desert theme, the texts and music evoke solitude in a hyper-connected world, the gradual disintegration of human connection that the internet propagates. In contrast, Nexploria proposes modifying technology on the web to instead make a space for experimentation and collaboration, rid of any commercial goal. The group of individuals, gathered at the center of a single digital platform, unites while still maintaining their individuality to invest, explore and cultivate the expanse of Nexploria.

Nexploria was presented at the mediatheque José Cabanis (Toulouse, FR), at Nantes Digital Week (september 2019) and festival Traverse Vidéo (mars 2020).