This is a workshop on how to use Aframe, a web framework for building 3D/AR/VR experiences.
We’re going to cover the basics of HTML and the Entity-Component Model.
As well as creating our models using Magica Voxel.

Aframe Basics

  • HTML and Entity-Component Model
  • Importation of custom 3D models
    Custom 3D Models with Magica Voxel
  • Generation of models
  • Voxelization
  • Export

Randall Sáenz Sanabria

Pulgateca co-founder, collective and platform for mediation and experimentation with obsolete resources and the U-suré Magazine, independent anthropology and social urban activation. Co-Organizer at PROXY, bienniale of new media art. I’m in charge of SINESTESIA,
communication collective. Developer of Benkio, website for non-formal education and initiative on experimentation with new digital media for interdisciplinary collective improvisation.
Illustrator and composer as smosgasbord in which I experiment with bio-inspired illustration, generative art and experimental electronic music.