For this new composition, Dime Ensemble invites electronic musicians from Bergen, Lima and Limassol to join a common Glocal performance in one single orchestral network music symphony.

The ChaosOrchestra will be playing a new collective online performance with visuals and sound experimentation through the network.
Dime Ensemble is entering the force of Chaoslab with a performance in shared virtual space, joining outer-space inside cables transmission. Experimentation in signal production join the beyond through inter-connected physical space.

Dime Ensemble – APO33 (FR) + Vonrik Haug – Piksel (NO) + ### TransPiksel Abya Yala (PE) + MAD Lab (GR)

with artists:

Dime Ensemble:

  • Julien Ottavi – Modular synth, guitar-bass, mpc
  • Jenny Pickett – Guitar, Modular synth
  • Chloé Malaise -computer & circuit bending
  • Julien Héraud – modular synth
  • Vincent Loret – modular synth
  • Robin Plastre – electronics, visuals

Piksel (Norway):

  • ###

TransPiksel Abya Yala (Peru):

  • Marco Valdivia (PE)
  • Vonrik Haug (NO/UK).

MadLab (Cyprus) :

  • Marinos Koutsomichalis,
  • Andreas Kitsis
  • Antonis Theodosiou