with today’s surge in interest for hardware audio equipment there are many options for artists to perform with dedicated sound instruments. this is still not the case for real-time video performance. both Korg and Roland have discontinued their video-samplers, leaving nothing commercial to fill this void.

r_e_c_u_r is an open source community driven diy project aiming to lower the entry-cost of playing with video. What started as a rpi based seamless looping media player has grown to include live-capture, midi / cv control, glsl-shader effects and more. I will give some context on video-art making instruments, demo these features on r_e_c_u_r and show how easy it is to build one of your own.


cyberboy666 is a video-art and tool-making project by Tim Caldwell from Wellington, New Zealand – currently based in Berlin.

some of his interests include experimental video-art, live video performance, DIY electronics, creative coding, open-source, outsider film making, cult film curating, DIY event organising, community spaces.