Deciban is chdh’s new audiovisual performance where sound and visual shapes emerge from noise. On the screen, a video noise similar to the “snow” of old analog TVs fills the entire space. This hypnotic material, accompanied by its sound alter ego, is animated and set in motion by forces controlled in real time by two performers using laptops.


Peru. The search for the sound importance for rituals in the mountain world, entheogenic sounds on the neglected side of the listeners’ consciousness.


In this performance Tim Shaw and John Bowers will collide current personal artistic interests relating to sound walking and feedback systems. The duo will perform in two separate, remote environments and stream the combined result (both audio and visual) to the Piksel venue. The work will explore the idea of extended feedback loops, combining analogue and digital methods to create time-shifting delay lines between the two performers.

Paola Torres Nuñez del Prado

Peru. Researches upon craft transdisciplinarity and complex thought, working with soft sculptures, textiles and embroidery, sound and human voice, text, painting, digital media, interactive art, artificial intelligence, performance and video.

Black Coded MIDI

Inspired in artistic movements related to tool hacking, social media and massive access to image and sound production softwares, Black Coded MIDI proposes an exploration of the relationship between image and sound by expanding Black MIDI genre with scripts in different programming languages.


A performative installation in Mozilla Hubs, where Camilla Vatne Barrat-Due(NO), accordionist and performer, and Alexandra Cardenas(CO), composer, and live coder, join forces to create an oniric space where Norwegian and Colombian traditional folksongs can co-exist and generate unexpected dialogues.

Inneres Fallen des Wassermanns

Inneres Fallen des Wassermanns, proposes to bring the listener on an impressionnistic and wandering path of electronic sounds. Using DIY video and sound synthetizers, the electroacoustic performance continues Delia Derbyshire ́s attempts to re-create in five movements some sensations of dreaming – as running away, falling, landscape, under water and colour – in The Dreams (1964).


Mexico. Collaborative project founded by the architect and musician Malitzin Cortes and the transdisciplinary artist Iván Abreu, both programmers; with Inequality explore the poetic possibilities of livecoding.