Acanthus Project

The acanthus is a millenary ornament, which can help us reflect upon ideas structuring contemporary society. Starting in Ancient Greece, the acanthus became the single ornament expanding over the widest geographic area and through the longest time span in human history.


MindCoding is an experimental platform that allows all people to perform with code in real time, even if they have knowledge in music/programming or not. This platform uses the information collected by an electroencephalography sensor in real time and converts it into supercollider code.

TWA, Transgender Awareness Week

In 2020 SAGA (sexuality and gender acceptance) collaborates with Queer World Vest and PKI (Patient organisation for gender incongurens) in the creation of Norways first Transgender Awareness Week. This is organised in Bergen 16th-20th November, with a vision to expand to more cities in Norway within the next few years. The festival is created by […]


PikselAlmenningen is where the Piksel20. The future narrow goes to the streets of Bergen. With an impressive mobile projector, Piksel brings the festival to the people. During the 3 days of the festival, concerts, audiovisuals cuts, interviews, workshops, and presentations, the KOPF Kino will be our ally in the city.