Peru. The search for the sound importance for rituals in the mountain world, entheogenic sounds on the neglected side of the listeners’ consciousness.

Paola Torres Nuñez del Prado

Peru. Researches upon craft transdisciplinarity and complex thought, working with soft sculptures, textiles and embroidery, sound and human voice, text, painting, digital media, interactive art, artificial intelligence, performance and video.


Mexico. Collaborative project founded by the architect and musician Malitzin Cortes and the transdisciplinary artist Iván Abreu, both programmers; with Inequality explore the poetic possibilities of livecoding.


Peru. Sounds produced by the interaction of various prototypes of autonomous construction, technological appropriation, recycling, free culture and auditory experimentation, and the MilaSalda’s graphics.

Angel Salazar

Ecuador. Artist who explores the sounds that emerge from experimentation with various electronic media, from the construction of analog and digital interfaces. His projects articulate the relationship between sound, territory and technology, speculating on possible futures, based on the place we have as human beings in this era. He is the producer of the cyclical show Permutación Sonora in Guayaquil and the ambient project Damballah.


Peru. Experimental musician, seeks through sound art the generation of atmospheres and landscapes, making use of ancestral instruments combined with contemporary digital sounds.