Close to the Water

The development of fast, light boats for the sport of rowing follows a parallel path with the history of capitalism, with, for example the development of faster and faster sailing clippers to beat the opposition to the market. As Virillio said “The invention of the ship was also the invention of the shipwreck”.


How does your hair sound, and what sound is made when you shrug your shoulder? Sound of Silence is not a performance in the traditional sense, but an open experiment exploring the relationship between movement and sound. The soundscape in this performance consists of sounds created on stage by the dancers and their movements. Using different types of microphones and computer programming, every sound you experience is a result of the happenings on stage.


November in Marseille, starlings gather on a crane before their big departure to Africa.
The photographic trace, lost with the film, is here reinvented to show the flight of birds under a new aspect.
Will their freedom of movement forever remain a distant dream for humanity?


These series is called* Reconquista* as I view the temples scattered all over Lima as a glitch on what it would otherwise be a uniform third world imitation of first world architecture: these should have disappeared in colonial times (many did) but others were just forgotten, being buried underground but this erasing of memory was what actually saved them.

Study for a cosmic city

“Study for a cosmic city” is an audiovisual work inspired by a utopian urban proposal exposed by the composer and architect Iannis Xenakis in an essay entitled “La Ville Cosmique” (1965).

Models for Environmental Literacy

In the face of climate change, large-scale computer-controlled systems are being deployed to understand terrestrial systems. Artificial intelligence is used on a planetary scale to detect, analyze and manage landscapes. In the West, there is a great belief in ‘intelligent’ technology as a lifesaver. However, practice shows that the dominant AI systems lack the fundamental insights to act in an inclusive manner towards the complexity of ecological, social, and environmental issues.

Speech 2

Speech 2 is an experimental audiovisual piece created from a series of old clips from the US broadcast public affairs interview program The Open Mind. This piece is reflection on the action of communicating, highlighting its limitations, and can be labelled as “text-sound-art” in an audio-visual framework.


‘Inattention’ is a #Teletext based animation made at the Residency Irudika 2020 and, it was finished in confinement on May 3rd, 2020, in Angoulême. The residency at La Maison des Auteurs was for 3 weeks but lockdown made me stayed for 3 months in an apartment without wifi.

Bio – crea

During the time of quarantine I have been experimenting with methods of culturing microorganisms based on techniques and procedures used in DIY microbiology and artistic methodology. For this, mixtures of different culture media (with organic waste from cooking and special inks) for growing microorganisms have been made, revealing shapes and structures derived from the diversity of these living beings like fungus, algae, bacteria, viruses and yeasts.