Three Post-Whitespace Languages

It was accepted mostly as a clever joke when Edwin Brady and Chris Morris chose April Fool’s Day, 2003 to announce a programming language written solely in tabs, spaces, and returns. But such a thing was possible: a language that can express any algorithm programmable in C++, written only with white space characters. This is of course the legendary esolang Whitespace.

Critical Mapping: Navigating within Surveillance Capitalism

Geospatial data analysis is a field dominated by corporate, academic, and government interests,. It often replicates the biases of developers when applied into software, and in more sinister cases causes harm while creating profit for venture capital. In a world where profit is the strongest interest, activist and grassroots applications of geospatial data are difficult to produce.


Faces2Voices is an online interactive installation which uses facial recognition technology to create a generative music composition based on imaginary voices of online visitors. The composition is evolving over time depending on the contributions of people involved.

r_e_c_u_r : an open diy video sampler

with today’s surge in interest for hardware audio equipment there are many options for artists to perform with dedicated sound instruments. this is still not the case for real-time video performance. both Korg and Roland have discontinued their video-samplers, leaving nothing commercial to fill this void.

Close to the Water

The development of fast, light boats for the sport of rowing follows a parallel path with the history of capitalism, with, for example the development of faster and faster sailing clippers to beat the opposition to the market. As Virillio said “The invention of the ship was also the invention of the shipwreck”.

Pocket Science Lab

In this talk we will cover the development path of the Open Hardware Pocket Science Lab (PSLab) board from version one in 2014 to today and outline how we use tools like KiCad to bring the device to large scale production. We will also share some major issues that we solved to get the device manufacturing ready and challenges that lie ahead of us like ensuring thorough device testing at production.

Acanthus Project

The acanthus is a millenary ornament, which can help us reflect upon ideas structuring contemporary society. Starting in Ancient Greece, the acanthus became the single ornament expanding over the widest geographic area and through the longest time span in human history.