The Price Of Berlin

The Price Of Berlin is part of Malte Steiners artproject The Big Crash, an expansive art piece which branches out in many forms, such as painting, electronic art, sound and music, net art, sculpture and installation art. The thematic departure point for the piece is the instability of the real estate market as a consequence of extreme gentrification. The Price Of Berlin consists of four 3D printed artefacts derived from real estate ads.

The Endless Doomscroller

“Doomscrolling” refers to the ways in which people find themselves regularly—and in some cases, almost involuntarily—scrolling bad news headlines on their phone, often for hours each night in bed when they had meant to be sleeping. Certainly the realities of the pandemic necessitate a level of vigilance for the purposes of personal safety.


‘Inattention’ is a #Teletext based animation made at the Residency Irudika 2020 and, it was finished in confinement on May 3rd, 2020, in Angoulême. The residency at La Maison des Auteurs was for 3 weeks but lockdown made me stayed for 3 months in an apartment without wifi.

Open World Firewall

Open World Firewall responds to and utilise the hyperspeed reality of digital communication where information is shared, reposted, collaged, cut, rearranged through lossy and leaky processes that create fissures in which new semi-fictitious narratives seep through. Through the artist’s transformation and interpretation of the information fed to them from external public collaborators they will create a new virtual space, a distorted mirror image of a world they cannot see.

Bio – crea

During the time of quarantine I have been experimenting with methods of culturing microorganisms based on techniques and procedures used in DIY microbiology and artistic methodology. For this, mixtures of different culture media (with organic waste from cooking and special inks) for growing microorganisms have been made, revealing shapes and structures derived from the diversity of these living beings like fungus, algae, bacteria, viruses and yeasts.

And in the future the cracks will also be a home. ecoPoetics.

Hamilton Mestizo, an expert artist and scientist working on DIY bioart. Hamilton Mestizo is an artist, cultural manager and researcher from Bogotá (1983). His work is developed from a transdisciplinary perspective that explores the edges between art, technology and science, critically inspecting theirs sociocultural and ecological implications.


“Entropy: Sky” is a photovideography, a photograph that changes over time to change status and become a video artwork.
The pixels of the image are drawn, depending on their brightness, in opposite directions.
From these torn skies will remain only traces, vestiges of a time when the great balances on Earth were respected.