Pikselfliks is a 12 hours at day video channel with the creations of 9 artists. 3 hours of video art continued.


From 12:00 – 24:00 Piksel 20 @Pikselfliks (Twitch.tv) and @Piksel Cyber Salon

PIKSEL20. The future narrow, where you don’t want to go.
Festival for elektronisk kunst og fri teknologi 19-22 NOV. Bergen (NO)
Link to: Artists at PikselFliks
WELLBEEING by Beehouse Audio Meditations. Video. 20mins. UK. 2020 Bioni Samp
Reconquista by Paola Torres Núñez del Prado Entropy:Sky by Jean-Michel Rolland
Traces:Birds by Jean-Michel Rolland
Models for Environmental Literacy by Tivon Rice
Inattention by Raquel Meyers
Speech 2 by Francesc Martí
Study for a cosmic city by Julian Scordato
And in the future the cracks will also be a home. ecoPoetics by Jaime Lobato
BIO-Crea by Hamilton Mestizo
Close to the Water by Rob La Frenais
Sound of Silence by Mari Bø/ Maria Ulvestad/ Gaute Barlindhaug